Presentation of SolarNext AG

Company presentation of SolarNext AG,  01.2020


  • Solar Cooling Kits and innovative chillii® System Controller OTTI Solar Air-Conditioning Seminar, Munich, Germany, 08.06.10 [pdf 5,3MB]
  • Commercialising of thermal powered refrigeration SIRAC London Network Meeting, University College London UCL, London, U.K., 29.10.09 [pdf 5MB]
  • Green Chiller Association Proceedings of 3rd International Conference Solar Air-Conditioning, OTTI, Palermo, Italy, 30.09-02.10.09 [pdf]
  • Recent Developments of Small-Scale Solar or Waste Heat Driven Cooling Kits for Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Proceedings of Heat Powered Cycles Conference 2009 (HPC09), TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 07.-09.09.09 [pdf]
  • Solar Colling in Europe ausSCIG Conference, CSIRO Energy Centre, Newcastle, Australia, 18.-19.05.09 [pdf 2,9MB]
  • Solar Colling in Buildings – scalable technology for India DAPG Indienforum 2009 Mobilität – Energie – Effizienz, Bel Etage Schokoladenmuseum, Cologne, Germany, 13.05.09 [pdf 2,1MB]
  • How to reduce time-to-market for solar cooling technology Solarexpo2009 Workshop: Solar cooling from pilot plants to the market, Verona, Italien, 08.05.09 [pdf]
  • Development of Solar Cooling Kits for the European Market EU Sustainable Energy Week Workshop: Solar-air-conditioning systems for small and medium applications in residential and commercial buildings, EACI Agency – Madou Tower, Brussels, Belgium, 10.02.09 [pdf 2,7MB]
  • Perfomance and costs of low capacity solar cooling systems CEP Clean Energy Power – Internationales Symposium Solares und Erneuerbares Kühlen, Landesmesse Stuttgart, Germany, 30.01.09 [pdf 2,2MB]
  • State of the art of Solar Air-Conditioning Lecture Training Course CITYNET – Thermal Cooling Systems, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain, 17.11.08
  • Development and Investigation of Solar Cooling Systems Based on Small-Scale Sorption Heat Pumps 1st International Conference on Solar Heating, Cooling and Buildings – EUROSUN 2008, Lisbon, Portugal, 07-10.10.08 [pdf 2,2MB]
  • Development and Investigation of a Compact Silica Gel/Water Adsorption Chiller Integrated in Solar Cooling Systems VII. Minsk International Seminar – Heat Pipes, Heat Pumps, Refrigerators, Power Soureces, Minsk, Belarus, 08.-11.09.08 [pdf 2,2MB]
  • Market Ready Small-Scale Solar Cooling Systems Intersolar North America Conference 2008, San Francisco, USA, 17.07.08 [pdf 2,2MB] [pdf abstract]
  • Overview on Small Capacity Systems”, OTTI International Solar Air-Conditioning Seminar, NH Hotel, Munich-Dornach, Germany, 11.06.08 [pdf]
  • Development and Experimental Investigation of a Novel 10 kW Ammonia/Water Absorption Chiller – chillii® PSC – for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems”, Proceedings of the 9th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2008, Zurich, Swiss, 20.-22.05.08 [pdf]
  • Recent Developments of Solar Air-Conditioning in Europe Proceedings of the International Conference on Cryogenics & Refrigeration – ICCR ´2008, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China, 05.-09.04.08 [pdf 3MB]
  • New Concepts and promising technologies Proceedings of the International Conference Sustainable Cooling Systems – Solar Cooling, TECHbase, Vienna, Austria, 31.03.08 [pdf 1,3MB]
  • Solar Air-Conditioning: A Clean Solution for a Big Problem Presentation at the London South Bank University (LSBU), Faculty Research Seminar 10, London, UK, 06.02.08
  • Experimental Investigation of a Novel Solar Cooling System Based On a Small-Scale Water/SilicaI Gel Adsorption Heat Pump Proceedings of 1st International Symposium on Innovative Materials for Processes in Energy Systems, Kyoto, Japan, 28.-31.10.07 [pdf]
  • Development and Investigation of an Ammonia/Water Absorption Chiller – chillii® PSC – for a Solar Cooling System Proceedings of 2nd International Conference Solar Air-Conditioning, Tarragona, Spain, 18.-19.10.07 [pdf]
  • Experimental investigation of bubble pump and system performance for a solar driven 2.5 kW diffusion absorption cooling machine Paper für Vortrag auf der Heat SET 2007 (Heat Transfer in Components and Systems for Sustainable Energy Technologies), Chambery, France, 18.-20.04.07. [pdf]


  • Cool climate from the scorching sun Sun & Wind Energy, 2008, Nr. 2, Seite 64-72 [pdf 1MB]
  • Solar Cooling Systems: New Solar Options for Highly Glazed Buildings IGA International Glass and Architecture, 2007, No.2, pp. 66-69 [pdf]
  • Solar Cooling Systems in Polska Energetyka Sloneczna PTES-ISES, Polen, Nr. 1-2/2007, S.18-23 [pdf 4MB]
  • Solar Cooling: A sustainable air conditioning and refrigerating system” IGS International Glas Solutions, 2007, No.4, pp. 91-93 [pdf]

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