The climatisation of the conference room is achieved by a water/zeolite-based adsorption chiller (chillii®ISC9). The driving energy of the chiller is provided by a combined heat and power plant (CHP). The refrigerator is refrigerated with a drying cooler with speed-controlled EC engines and peak load spraying. The control of the cooling system is handled by our chillii® System Controller.
The overall efficiency of the system is increased by circulation pumps with high-efficiency technology (energy label A). The cold is distributed in the summer using cooling ceilings and the heat is distributed in the winter using radiators. The peak load is covered by a gas condensing boiler.

Technical Specifications

  • Cooling system: chillii® Cooling Kit ISC9

  • Chiller: chillii®ISC9(9 kW nominal output)

  • Recooler: Dry cooling tower

  • System control: chillii® System Controller

Karlsruhe, 2011