The climatisation of the premises is achieved by a LiBr/water-based absorption refrigerator (chillii®HLC220adb). The driving energy of the refrigerator is provided by a combined heat and power plant (CHP). The recooling unit of the chiller is an adiabatic recooler with speed-controlled EC motors. The control of the cooling system is handled by our chillii® System Controller. To increase overall efficiency throughout the year, climatisation is provided directly via the recooling unit during the cold season (Free Cooling).
Furthermore the overall efficiency of the system is increased by circulation pumps with high-efficiency technology (energy label A).

This project has been honored with the Bavarian Energy Award 2020 in the category Municipal Energy Concepts.

Technical Specifications

  • Cooling system: chillii® Cooling Kit HLC220adb

  • Chiller:  chillii®HLC220 (220 kW nominal power)

  • Recooler: chillii® EcoCooler
    (adiabatic recooler with irrigation)

  • System control: chillii® System Controller

Rosenheim, 2020