Air conditioning of a specialist retailer in Bavaria, 2013

Air conditioning of a specialist retailer is achieved by a LiBr/water-based absorption refrigerator (chillii® WFC35). The drive energy for the chiller is delivered from a combined heat and power plant (CHP). The chiller is recooled with a wet cooling tower with power control and automatic emptying at the risk of frost. The control of the cooling system is handled by our chillii®system controller .
The overall efficiency of the system is increased by high-efficiency or energy-saving pumps with speed control. The cold distribution is performed by an air conditioning system.

Technical Specifications

  • Cooling system: chillii® Cooling Kit WFC35

  • Chiller: chillii® WFC35 (35 kW nominal output)

  • Recooler: Wet recooler

  • System control: chillii® System Controller

Bavaria, 2013