A water/zeolite-based adsorption chiller (chillii®ISC10) is used for the air conditioning of the rooms in a residential building. The driving energy of the refrigerator is provided by a combined heat and power plant (CHP). The recooling of the chiller is done by a dry recooler with speed-controlled EC motors and peak load spraying. The control of the cooling system is handled by our chillii® system controller.
The overall efficiency of the system is increased by circulation pumps with high-efficiency technology (energy label A). A cold water reservoir has been installed for cold storage and the cold distribution is done via concrete core activation.

Technical Specifications

  • Cooling system: chillii® Cooling Kit ISC10

  • Chiller: chillii®ISC10 (10 kW nominal output)

  • Recooler: Dry recooler

  • System control: chillii® System Controller

Bad Cannstatt, 2014