chillii® System Controller

  • Higher-level control for thermal cooling and heating systems

  • Adjustable to extensive hydraulic variants

  • Several heat sources can be selected simultaneously (CHP, heat pump, local/district heating, condensing boiler, biomass, solar)

  • Highest system efficiency via:

    • needs-based enery generation
    • priority of regenerative energy sources
    • optimized operation of the chiller
    • highly efficient operation of the recooling plant
    • speed control of pumps and recooling fan
    • utilization of high efficiency technologies possible (z.B. EC-pumps and fans)


Our chillii® Sytem Controller allows efficient control from simple to complex heating and cooling systems.

Technical Data

Technical features
Illuminated touch screen for intuitive operation
Ethernet interface (remote maintenance and integration in computer networks)
Integrated data logger (SD card) for cost-effective system optimization and maintenance
Scope of functions
Heat source (solar, backup,…)
Heat  and cold storage
Drinking water heating
Recooling unit
Heating and cooling circuit

chillii® System Technology