chillii® Heat Pump

  • Heating capacity: 670  – 4700 kW

  • Working pair: Water/LiBr

  • COP (nominal): 1.2 – 1.7

  • Heat source: steam/ gas/ oil


Our LiBr absorption heat pump systems are available with a nominal heating capacity of 670 kW to 4.7 MW. These systems are suitable for applications with warm water temperatures up to  80 °C. With a heating capacity of up to 4.7 MW, the application area ranges to heating/ air conditioning on an industrial scale. The additional electrical power consumption is less than 1 % of the heating capacity.

Technical Data

Driving heat (steam/ gas/ oil) 490 kW to 3,4 MW
Nominal temperatures heating circuit (RF/FF) 20/80 °C
Nominal temperature range (heating) 670 kW bis 4,7 MW